Die Volk (The Race)

In South Africa there exists a small town of white Afrikaner South Africans, who since the fall of apartheid - have had NO contact with outsiders. They live an idyllic life based on the principles of their deceased leader, Eugene Terreblanche, a former policeman who formed the Afrikaner Resistance Movement in the late 70’s. Their mission? To protecting the purity and sanctity of the white Afrikaner race. But things are about to get complicated… 

When a gang, on the run from the police, crashes through the fence protecting the town, the townspeople come face to face with outsiders. Black policemen, no less. As the eyes of the country focus on the standoff taking place in their small town, an influx of journalists, politicians, religious leaders, military forces and opportunists - descend on their little white utopia.

In a startling parallel to current white nationalism in many parts of the world, ‘Die Volk’ is a series which follows multiple characters caught in the collision of the ‘New South Africa’ and a long gone era of institutionalized prejudice.