Terra Antiquis

Genre: Sci Fi. Narrative Fiction. Status: Development


200 years after a group of humans left earth, they receive a distress call from their old home planet 'Terra Antiquis'. They return to find a 'race' of artificially intelligent machines... and a mystery.  What happened to the humans that stayed behind on Terra Antiquis?


Bending Time

SciFi Series & VR/Biofeedback Game. Status: Development


A highly skilled Remote Viewer for a private corporation uses technology assisted consciousness (TAC) to remotely gather data from any location she is assigned to. When she finds out what she's actually doing and who she actually works for, she has to make a decision. Keep quiet or risk her life... and everyone she loves.

Pilot Script. Show Bible.

The Settlers

Genre: Period Drama/Horror. Narrative Fiction. Status: Development


In the early 1700’s a European priest with a mysterious past is suddenly re-assigned  to a small village in the New World. The residents believe the village is cursed and when the young daughter of a devout family begins seeing ghosts, everything the priest believes about his religion will be tested. Trying to protect the girl from her own family and the deeply superstitious village, he tries to unravel the mystery of WHAT she is seeing… and WHY?


Da Vinci

Genre: Period Drama. Narrative Fiction. Status: In Development


In the summer of 1472 a twenty year old boy was brought by his father to the studio of Andrea del Verrochio, a well known artisan in the town of Florence.  The boy was beautiful, passionate and had eloquence that could bend the most obdurate of wills.  He would become known to the world as Leonardo Da Vinci. But who was he... really?


The King

Genre: Period Drama. Narrative Fiction. Status: Development


A young King ascends the throne after his fathers death. He is ill-equipped and still a child in many ways. After running the kingdom almost into the ground with his petulance and cruelty, he must face those he has harmed, a malevolent enemy and worst of all, his own conscience.



Genre: Action/Adventure. Narrative Fiction. Status: Development


A South African ex-policeman working the gang unit in South Los Angeles, goes ballistic, when he sees one too many gang killings. Taking matters into his own hands, he kidnaps several gang-bangers and decides to show them what true survival is.