Mark started touring the public speaking circuit in 2004 after the release of “What the Bleep do we Know”. His topics have included: Filmmaking, Belief Frameworks, Emotional Intelligence, Bravery, The Responsibility of Media.

His current talking subjects are: 

  • Spiritual and Emotional Bypassing: The Screenwriter/Artist's worst enemy.

    A number of authors have written about ’Spiritual Materialism’ or ’Spiritual By-Passing’. These are essential concepts in understanding a deep malaise in the spiritual/self-help field. In essence, a person experiences a number of painful events in their life. Rather than acknowledge them and process the feelings they have, they create a veneer of perfection around themselves. They behave as though they have moved beyond the event and are indeed beyond all material and human concerns. The result is a person with very little genuine expression, acting as a superior ‘enlightened’ being - incapable of feeling deeply. This construct is deeply harmful to the artist - as they cut themselves off from their pain and therefore humanity. Regaining the true self is to regain the true artist.

  • High Control Groups and Spiritual Abuse.

    There are countless groups around the world purporting to offer everything from improved relationships to better business skills to some kind of enlightenment or self realization. The assumptive basis of some of these is that the participant or student has a base flaw which needs to be resolved in order for them to achieve happiness, completion or enlightenment. They purport to have the EXACT methods required to ‘fix’ these flaws. Those seeking to be ‘fixed’ are vulnerable to abuse (masquerading as well intended self-help). How does one see the signs and attempt to understand the true intent of these groups and leaders?

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