The New World. 1600’s. A priest in a crisis of faith has to protect a young girl who is seeing ghosts, from her own devout family.



In the 1600’s a priest, sent away from Europe for some accidental 'sin', arrives in a settlers village in the New World to replace his predecessor, who died a mysterious and suspicious death. Upon arrival, he notices that the village seems to be beset by a curse.

While trying to take his new position in the community, he struggles with some past events that have sorely tested his faith and belief in the church.

As he tries to uncover the rational cause of 'the curse’, he discovers the young daughter of a local family, is having visions of ghostly events that neither he nor the family can explain. The little girl's mother, spurred on by the town gossip, believes she has sinned by not baptizing her daughter early enough. Despite the priests assurances, the mother becomes more and more deranged in her quest to help rid the town of evil, even if it means killing her own daughter. Urgently trying to find the truth and prevent a tragedy, the priest takes counsel with a beautiful Indian woman, who may… or may not be, a ghost herself.

In this story, many seemingly disparate events all come to a head in the style of ‘The Sixth Sense’. A heart-wrenching tale of losing one's religion, zealotry and the living breathing landscape, raging with a long lost secret. A mysterious suspense thriller, this story tugs at the feeling that there are always imperceptible things going on in life; Echoes of the past that refuse to be explained, or truly die.