Birthday Thoughts.

So… today is my Birthday.  53 years on this beautiful rock. Already so many incredible people have reached out to wish me a wonderful day. Thank You. I spent the morning sitting on the beach at sunrise, drinking coffee, staring at the waves and thinking about my life and what I want. There is a wish I recognized I have. Not just a wish for me but for many in the world. 

My wish is as follows. I want so so much for people to understand that AUTHORITARIAN CERTAINTY doesn't necessarily mean strength of character, nobility or morality. Just because a leader doesn't seem to have doubt, is inflexible in the face of opposition and insists they have your best interests at heart…. doesn't make it so. I wish for people to learn about the true nature of malignant narcissism and how it can often masquerade as benevolence... and consequently abuse the goodwill of wonderful men and women. 

I wish for people to use their own intuition... not just follow the laws put forth by some leader. I wish for people to seek out and grow their own innate goodness rather than search for it outside in some seemingly superior thing or person. I wish this for people in abusive relationships, abusive organizations or abusive countries. I wish for people to pay more attention to what leaders DO... than what they SAY. 

So my birthday wish is for people to be able to distinguish the difference between truth and a masquerade. I believe it is very important! My love goes out to all the individuals, groups and countries that have been fooled by some Wizard of Oz. You don’t need a Wizard. You just need you. Have a wonderful day! I plan on doing the same.