I know, I know… I have piles of things on my todo list that are way more important than writing this note. But sometimes, I just cannot help myself. I have a LOT on my mind! This morning while dealing with the fallout of an Instagram/Facebook post I made a few days ago, I believe I coined a term that explains a persistent issue I see in the human potential/new age field.

Here is the offending post…

Convincing people they are broken/defective/sinners/blemished/imperfect/flawed.... is BULLSHIT. Perfection is a scam. Enlightenment is a scam.

Convincing people they are broken/defective/sinners/blemished/imperfect/flawed.... is BULLSHIT. Perfection is a scam. Enlightenment is a scam.


The post had a few supporters and a few detractors. Hardly surprising. It’s like I kicked the sacred in the nuts. But those who know what I’ve been up to the last few years, found relief and understanding in the statement. They have seen the staggering misuse of mysticism. What about the offended?

We’ve all heard the term called ‘Mansplaining', which the Urban dictionary defines as: The explanation of something by a man, typically to a woman, in a manner regarded as condescending or patronizing.

So what’s my new term? SPIRITSPLAINING! (I found out there is a ‘Godsplaining'… but this is a little different) SPIRITSPLAINING is when a person who considers themselves spiritually superior tells a ‘lesser mortal’ how the universe really works. They see an invisible order, this poor wretch cannot see and therefore, with religious-like fervor and unwavering certainty, tell the lost soul what the impediment in their thinking is.

Please let me know if you’ve heard this term before and it is NOT original… as I’d like to credit the person who came up with it before me.


How is it that I KNOW so much about Spiritsplaining? Because I myself have done it… for decades. Call it hubris, call it brainwashing, call it escapism - it is a persistent malaise in society.

Let’s say someone has been through something very difficult. Rape, Torture… something horrendous. Spiritsplaining might seek to convince the person who has been harmed to reframe the way they are thinking about the trauma. How might they be responsible? What unknown forces in the Universe are at play… maybe they created this in another life? Maybe the abuser is just trying to work out some Karmic agreement. AND you yourself agreed to this karmic agreement even though you don’t remember. You have lost your memory, but as you become more evolved or enlightened it will come flooding back to you. Basically, Spiritplaining calls the event anything other than what it is. (See Spiritual Bypassing)

The thing that makes this position so infuriating is, if you contest it, it’s because you lack the perspective or higher plane of existence to view it correctly. They (the Spiritsplainer) have the correct perspective. You, vibrating at a lower frequency cannot see the truth. Basically, their argument is watertight - albeit delusional. This sounds eerily like True Believers who insist that any atrocities being committed, or that they themselves are committing, are part of God’s plan. Part of a higher order of understanding. This is Cult Logic. (Circular, closed and potentially very damaging)

This kind of thinking may also include the ‘there is no good or bad in the world’ assessment of reality. All things are equal. Morality is a construct. Everything is Everything and Nothing is Nothing. It’s an attempt to remove all judgment and discernment. It certainly is less painful… but at worst it is soul anesthetic. That would result in limp, aimless, vanilla WILL. Scant comfort or support for those souls outraged at injustice and trying to make things better while the enlightened watch, floating above the bleachers. Who says discernment is less evolved? Who says calling a spade a spade is less enlightened?

Rage I say! Rage against injustice!

All my best,

Mark (Recovering Spiritsplainer) Vicente