How the BLEEP did that happen?! - Episode 2

Why would a Government, Corporation or Social Club be 'going after' defectors? What reason would they have to silence me and others? What would the group be protecting? What did I discover? What was so abhorrent to me? It would have to be something anathema to my soul, to my cherished vision of goodness and nobility.

Well, it was. 

The New York Times, which broke the story of branding and abuse has been received by the world with shock and concern. And so it should. That is the appropriate response for a person of conscience.

I have had numerous texts and calls from people all over the world trying to understand how this happens. In later posts I will chronicle how one falls into a 'spell' like this. But for now, I want to share a list of resources that helped myself and others deprogram ourselves. Each of the next episodes will feature resources to help explain the problem. (This list of over 25 resources was created over a period of a year by defectors)

The FIRST concepts a person needs to understand are 'Word Salad' and 'Gaslighting'. These articles will help the person who asks reasonable questions of their superiors. They are likely going to end up very confused and feeling like they are in fact the problem. This will help clear the brain fog.

To be continued....

Mark Vicente ©2017