How the BLEEP did that happen?! - Episode 25

[I recommend going in numerical order with the Episodes. They build on each other.]

Episode 30 contains the full resource list.

I want to take a moment to address something that people have struggled with for a long time. Why, despite overwhelming evidence of destruction and malice, do people stay in High Control Groups? Even when things are crumbling around them? You have to understand ANCHORING to grasp this question. Read Episode 21, 22 & 23 to understand 'anchoring'.

The best protection for a leader being questioned or under some kind of scrutiny, is to pre-arrange a failsafe, installed into the followers. It’s a mind trap that’s seemingly completely invisible. What the hell am talking about?! Good question.


Let’s say I’ve anchored your most noble qualities and values to ME. (Let’s pretend I am the Leader) You experience those QUALITIES and ME as synonymous. Maybe I’ve engineered it so you believe I am actually the pinnacle, in almost super-human form, of those beautiful values. 

Nobility, Humility, Character, Kindness, Wisdom, Love, Grace, Intelligence, Gentleness, Courage, Transcendence. 

Perhaps I’ve gotten you to believe that those things MUST be protected at all costs. For the sake of your soul, your family, your community, the world. If you believe I am the MOST important example of that in the world then I TOO must be protected at all costs. Because you see, you feel I AM THOSE THINGS.

This means you will protect me against the non-believers, the infidel, the suppressives, the ones asking questions. You might even want to destroy them because you think they are trying to destroy everything you love the most. ME and YOUR VALUES. They MUST be stopped! By ANY means necessary. Lies, Framing, False Charges, Extortion, Blackmail…. whatever! It doesn’t matter. (You don’t notice you’re doing the very thing you believe is bad) You are in a blind rage of zealous protection. And it feels so RIGHT! So JUSTIFIED!

AND…… and this is the greatest trick of all. You cannot question ME. Because I've already carefully woven in, that if you question ME, the Almighty Leader, it is the ultimate lack of honor and respect. To question ME is to question your most sacred values. And that is the equivalent of death. It as a kind of soul suicide you cannot risk. So instead, you shelve the concerns, the evidence, the data…. right in front of you. You cannot question! It’s not just a block in your brain…. it feels like a sin to your soul.

The film “Spotlight" showed an example of that. For some, who’s best values were integrally tied into the priesthood and the church…. questioning the clergy and looking at the evidence was terrifying. If they did, it might result in a shattering of everything they held dear. To cross the boundary into asking questions, feels TERRIBLE. It's SHATTERING!

Few have the strength to do it. Because I, your leader, have built a wall of terror around your thinking and you're running in circles trying to resolve an unresolvable problem. 


This is the greatest trick of all, because you will protect me, no matter what. You might even die for me....

But, if you cross the boundary... there is freedom. There is life after the cracking. It involves separating out your values from me, the empty figurehead. Your values are YOUR values.

I might just be a smooth and wily talker.... an empty shell you imbued with the best of your own transcendent beautiful qualities.

To be continued...

Mark Vicente ©2017