How the BLEEP did that happen?! - Episode 30

[I recommend going in numerical order with the Episodes. They build on each other.]

Some, who exit a High Control/High Demand Group, think they can easily figure out what happened to them, why they feel so discombobulated, and just move on with life... with no resources or help. Let me be blunt. Highly unlikely.....

There is a pattern to these things that experts in the field of recovery are very, very familiar with. The fact you were in as deep as you were, indicates you had no awareness or understanding of the pattern. It's highly likely that without proper deprogramming, you'll find yourself in a similar group or relationship. Suddenly you're dating or following someone with narcissistic tendencies and the relationship is feeling toxic, or controlling and AGAIN.... you doubt yourself and think it's all your fault. That there's something wrong with you. There isn't. You've just been abused... AGAIN.

AND.... if you've been led to believe therapy and psychology is bullshit and doesn't work... that might be part of the deception.

EXIT COUNSELORS have seen hundreds and sometimes thousands of clients, who have gone through essentially the exact same thing you have. They are an absolutely invaluable resource!




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