How the BLEEP did that happen?! - Episode 23

[I recommend going in numerical order with the Episodes. They build on each other.]

Episode 30 contains the full resource list.

In the film Kumare, Vikram Ghandi is a seemingly good natured fellow that runs an experiment with (perhaps unintentionally) shocking results. I say good natured because my general sense is he does not set out to harm people and even finds himself attached, not only to the attention he's getting, but the well-being of his 'flock'. His spiritual movement was not likely going to turn into a 'Waco Texas Branch Davidians' massacre.

But its important to consider, what if the Leader is running a ruse and is NOT good natured. What is so bad about a leader espousing a philosophy and having a bunch of people follow? After all, they'll probably still learn something right?



The leader who appeals to a groups 'religious' early subconscious memories can do untold damage.  What do I mean by early subconscious memories? Many (but not all) people have very early memory or experiences of a transcendent experience they've had which they might personify as God, an Angel, a Messiah, a Higher Self.... whatever you want to call it. A kind of COSMIC DADDY. A teacher skilled at helping them access those states, can go one of three ways:


  1. Help them see it's theirs to own and experience.

  2. Have them 'realize' it can only be accessed through the teacher.

  3. Say it's #1 but insinuate #2 in their behaviors and covert suggestions.

This 'engineering' of states, is what people practiced in NLP, might call ANCHORING.

What if the teacher 'anchors' the students MOST TRANSCENDENT STATE to THEMSELVES?

What would be the consequences?

Might they look at him as a kind of savior? As the one to counsel them on ALL matters? As the pinnacle of godliness in human form? As the only one who truly knows their soul and what they need? As the one who knows them better than they themselves do..... and so they must follow his instructions for the sake of their soul?


To be continued....

Mark Vicente ©2017