Stepping out.

This last year I’ve been blogging about a lot of dark topics. Psycopathy & Sociopathy (Anti Social Disorder), Spiritual Abuse, Narcissistic Personalty Disorder, Betrayal, Moral Abuse and all manner of dark topics. It’s been like a daily dose of Silence of the Lambs… except not fictional. 


I will in the future delve even more deeply into these ideas, as there is MUCH I have NOT SAID yet. These past Blogs, these 'How the Bleep did that Happen?!’ EPISODES have been addressed to: a few people under the spell of this darkness, outside viewers trying to make sense of the madness and... defectors who might have left the confines of Oz but have not fully understood what happened to them. Oz is still deeply engrained in them and they have yet to deprogram. 


But for me - it’s time now to spend more time out in the light. The fresh air of well intended goodness.

Regular everyday life.

Where I do not have to wince at the ideas I express. Where I can calmly, warmly express my life. 

In my blog, I’ll be spending more time on those topics. I will share more of my hopes, my heart, my understandings, my stories. I will start to wash off the residue accumulated from walking into the tunnels of hell.  

So… standby for lighter, brighter stories. But never fear, there will still be insurrection and humor.....

All my best.


PS. For those wanting to review the last year of darkness... here is a list of the "How the BLEEP did that happen?!" entries. 

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