The World is Watching

Yesterday my wife called me. She was being stalked by someone in a Whole Foods who was following her and taking video of her and texting furiously on his phone. Due to various threats, harassments and attempted hacks we had experienced (no doubt due to being whistleblowers) she assumed this was part of the same silly pattern. I came to the market and spotted the alleged stalker. He appeared to be an upper-class Mexican gentleman who my wife believed she recognized from a high society party she attended at an exclusive Villa in Mexico a number of years ago. He was ‘circling' in the store, not buying anything but making confrontational eye contact with us and then texting someone. I suppose we can categorize this under #whistleblowerproblems

So my message to any ‘Terrorism by Litigation’ Lawyers, Private Investigators, Amateur Spies, Devoted Zealots and Flying Monkeys is... We are aware of you. I’m putting you on notice. If my wife or I were to meet an unfortunate circumstance… the world is watching. They’ll know why it happened and who did it.

Photo by Aaron Mello